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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Summary of the October Commission Meeting
  Released: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 at 5:00 PM
Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
Summary of Decisions and Actions
October 9-10, 2003 meeting
Held at the Oregon Education Association Offices
Tigard, Oregon

Thursday, October 9

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Susan Castillo came to meet the Commission and share things she and the Oregon Department of Education have been working on this year. She emphasized the value of the partnership with the Commission and talked about her commitment to help make NCLB work in Oregon. She noted that we are past due to shine the light on children who are not meeting standards. She commended the Commission for maintaining high standards for educators.

Public Hearings were held and testimony was received on:

1. The NCLB temporary rules. Final adoption scheduled for January 8-9, 2004.
2. Amendments to OAR 584-036-0017, Distance Learning Teachers. Final adoption scheduled for January 8-9, 2004.
3. Amendments to OAR 584-060-0181, Restricted Substitute renewal requirements. Final adoption scheduled for January 8-9, 2004.

Other rule action: The commission will post-notice of proposed amendments to fingerprint OAR 584-026-0062 to no longer permit criminal history verification forms received from the Oregon Department of Education.

Friday, October 10

Continuing Teaching License issues were discussed and analyzed. Commissioners worked in small groups to discuss timelines, the Master's degree requirement, institutional capacity, new complications with NCLB and "other" issues. A complete list of proposals for discussion will be published with the full minutes of the meeting.

Action related to Continuing Teaching License: The Commission proposed to enact a temporary rule granting an automatic one-year extension to all educators who hold any type of Initial License as of October 10, 2003. This includes teachers, administrators, school counselors and school psychologists. Educators who are in the process of renewing over the next year will receive a four-year length of term on their license. Educators who have already renewed once will receive a one-year extension without charge from the Commission. Educators who receive an initial license after October 10, 2003 will receive their license under current rules (good for 3 years and renewable once.)

This rule will allow the Commission to analyze all the issues without cost to educators who are waiting to see what will happen.

It is the Commission's preference to amend the rules when all the issues have been researched, analyzed and shared with stakeholders. Work on the CTL and other licenses must be complete before the January 2005 Legislative Session.
The Commission did not adopt any other temporary rules related to the Initial, Continuing or Transitional Licenses.


Chair: Cathy Gwinn
Vice-Chair: Leslie Walborn
Executive Committee: Anne Jones,Susan DeMarsh and Pat Evanson-Brady (past chair)

New committee chairs will be announced by the chair prior to the January 8-9, 2004 meeting.



Information items:

TAG programs will be surveyed to update information;
Northwest Christian College gave an updated report of activities and new staff;
Washington Reciprocity was discussed but postponed until issues around the CTL are resolved;
Final pieces to OUS CREADE program will be received in January 2004.

Physical Education test scores:

Resolution adopted and effective October 10, 2003:

RESOLVED, that the Commission accept a composite score of 446 for the three Praxis Physical Education tests.

RESOLVED FURTHER, the minimum passing scores for each of the three tests is as follows:

(091) Physical Education: Content Knowledge - 156
(092) Physical Education: Movement, Forms, and Analysis and Design -141
(093) Physical Education: Movement, Forms, and Analysis and Design Video Evaluation - 145.


Submitted Alternative Assessment:

Resolution adopted and effective October 10, 2003:

After portfolio review, waived tests for:
a. Salvador Paz
b. Mariela Arauz
c. Juanita Estrada
d. Andrew Hordichok
e. Maria Leslie

Alternative Assessment Review Process: Postpone for now, convene stakeholder group for review prior to January meeting.

Policy on Reconsidering Previous Alternative Assessments:

Resolution adopted and effective October 10, 2003:

Candidates may request second evaluation accompanied by documentation of continued advocacy and support from a teacher preparation institution or school district.

Candidate provides new information data and/or documentation to address the low scores and reasons for denial of the original submission.

Resubmitted materials are received at TSPC no later than two weeks prior to the next Commission meeting.

RESOLVED FURTHER, the following procedure and practice be established for the review of alternative assessment portfolios:

1. Commission staff will review portfolio for completeness and eligibility;
2. Commission staff shall provide candidates where portfolio denied with scoring guide and comments with reason for denial;
3. Candidates will be informed that original work samples are retained at TSPC and should make copies of portfolios for their own records;
4. Candidates will resubmit only those materials related to number 2 above.
5. Candidates may only resubmit their portfolio one time.
6. Portfolios will be read again by at least two readers different from the original readers.
7. In case of split vote, a third read will be necessary.

RESOLVED FURTHER, applies only to portfolios submitted at January 2004 meeting (not retroactive.)

Immersion Teacher Group:

Resolution adopted and effective October 10, 2003:

RESOLVED, that the Commission adopted a temporary rule amending the Limited Teaching License to remove the requirement of passing the Basic Skills Test for renewal of the license. The permanent rule must be adopted within 180 days of adoption of the temporary rule. The first hearing for adoption of a permanent rule shall be set for first hearing in January 2004 with anticipated final adoption in March 2004.

Child Development Specialists:

RESOLVED, that the Commission hold hearings on amending the School Counseling License to accommodate different ways to meet the license requirements in OAR 584-070-0011.

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the first hearing on the rules shall be in January 2004 with anticipated adoption by no later than May 2004.


January 8-9, 2004 at Multnomah Education Service District, Portland, Oregon.

Commission will receive presentations and information from CTL program completers, school building personnel working with CTL programs and universities.


  Archived: January 1, 2004  [VC:123-1] 
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