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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Updated: 2004 TSPC SEM Test Score Adjustments
  Released: Friday, March 12, 2004 at 5:00 PM
Updated Information (4/12/04): The 2004 TSPC SEM Test Score Adjustments document has been modified as follows:

*The test interval as been accounted for.
*The document now permanently resides under the "Publication" section of the TSPC website.
*The adjustments have been now been made for Administrator, Counselor, School Psychologist and Superintendent tests.
*A more user friendly version has been published for applicants. You can find this version titled ETS/NES Testing Information under the "Publication" section of the TSPC website.

Updated Information (3/24/04): The 2004 TSPC SEM Test Score Adjustments document has been modified as follows:
*Page numbers and the date the document was created have been added to the bottom of each page.
*Test code numbers are now the five digit number used in the Praxis reference material.
*Test number 20112 Music: Analysis had an incorrect passing score of 140. The passing score has been changed to reflect the correct passing score of 167.
*Addition of several tests that were not previously on the report.

Information Previously released (3/12/04):
The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission passed a resolution at the March 5, 2004 meeting to allow TSPC to accept PRAXIS II scores that fall within a range established by one Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) published for that specific test.

What is the "Standard Error of Measurement (SEM)?"
[This specific information is taken from the ETS PRAXIS Series "Understanding your PRAXIS scores 2003-2004."]
The SEM is a statistic that is used to describe the reliability of the scores of a group of examinees. An examinee's score on a single edition of a test will different somewhat from the score the examinee would get on a different edition of the test....If a large number of examinees take a test for which the standard error of measurement is 3 points, about two-thirds of the examinees will receive scores within 3 points of the scores that they would get by averaging over many editions of the test.

On some tests, the standard error of measurement could not be estimated because there was no edition of the test that had been taken by a sufficient number of examinees. On other tests, the SEM could not be adequately estimated because the test consists of a very small number of questions or tasks, each measuring a different type of knowledge or skill.

How do I know what the SEM was for the test I took?
View the attached
2004 TSPC SEM Test Score Adjustments, which indicates the various published SEM points established for each year and edition of any particular PRAXIS II test. If the chart indicates there is NO SEM, then that information cannot be altered by TSPC. (See the explanation above for why some tests do not have an SEM.)

How far back will the SEM be applied to tests?
As far back as we are able to verify the accurate SEM for any particular test.

Does the SEM apply to the basic skills tests, (CBEST or PPST tests)?
No, the basic skills tests are not part of the SEM consideration. These are below college level skills tests.

What do I need to do to have the SEM applied to my license?
a. You must file an application form (C-1) and pay the standard evaluation fee of $75.
b. If you wish to allow your current license to expire before you apply for your new license, that is okay.
c. Please remember that the test score is just one aspect of meeting your licensure requirements. Please consult the letter you received with your most recent license for any remaining requirements you may need to receive your next stage license.
d. An Oregon graduate will need to also request a C-2 from their teacher preparation institution.

What if I am one point from scoring within the SEM range?
Then you will not have passed the test. Every decision made related to applying the SEM scores to the published pass rates for Oregon have erred on the side of the candidate as these ranges were prepared in the attached document.

Furthermore, the Commission believes that accepting the SEM adjustments to scores is based on objective criteria related to multiple test results for teacher licensure candidates.

We apologize, but TSPC does not have the resources to back track and look for denials that were based upon failure to pass the PRAXIS test.

Vickie Chamberlain
Executive Director
Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
(503) 378-6813


  Archived: December 31, 2004  [MH:155-1] 
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