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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Conditional Assignment Permit (CAP) Application and Procedures
  Released: Wednesday, September 1, 2004 at 5:00 PM
Beginning September 1, 2004 school districts will be required to electronically submit Conditional Assignment Permit requests to TSPC using their Online Service Account. Districts who have already submitted paper CAPs for the 2004-05 school year will be receiving the paper copies back by September 10, 2004.

Instructions for setting up your Online Service Account:
1. Access the TSPC website at www.tspc.state.or.us
2. Under Directory, select "Online Services,"
3. Next select "Online Service Account" and follow the directions provided. (If you need assistance setting up your account, please contact Joanne Colella, TPSC Public Service Representative at (503) 373-0764 or joanne.colella@state.or.us)

Instructions for entering CAP applications:
1. Access the TSPC website at www.tspc.state.or.us
2. Under Directory, select "Online Services,"
3. Next select "Application for Conditional Assignment Permit;"
4. Next enter required fields, noted by red asterisks and select the appropriate school year.
(At this point, you may receive a message and further information.)
5. If no message is received, the computer screen will indicate:
the educator's name;
license type;
effective dates of licensure; and
the school year you have selected for the CAP.
6. From this screen you will select from the drop-down box the first subject area you wish to report and select "Continue;"
7. From the next screen you will select the authorization level(s) and select "Continue." (The choices offered will only allow those titles and grade levels prescribed by the OARS for the particular license held by the educator.)
8. The computer will then provide a summary screen of the data you have entered.
9. Please review this screen for accuracy.
10. If you need to make a correction select "Edit;"
11. From this screen you may also select the following:
Quit - To completely clear out request
Reset - Will only clear the last field entered
Add Another - To select additional subject areas or authorization levels
Review - To continue forward.
12. Having selected "Review," you will receive a summary of what you have entered;
13. If the information is satisfactory, select "Submit to TSPC."
14. If the information is not correct, you may select "Back" to correct your entries.

To obtain a hard copy of the CAP application select the Print Option. There are reference and account ID numbers at the bottom right corner of the page for tracking purposes.

If you have Conditional Assignment Permit questions contact Pam LaFreniere, Coordinator of Teacher Licensing at 503- 373-1060 or pam.lafreniere@state.or.us

If you have questions regarding entry of the CAP Application contact Joanne Colella at (503-373-0764 or joanne.colella@state.or.us


  Archived: September 25, 2004  [PL:185-1] 
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