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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Update on the Initial and Continuing Teaching License
  Released: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 5:00 PM
Initial Teaching License eligible for continuous renewal upon completion of master's or equivalent within 10 years of first date of issuance; Continuing Teaching License voluntary and indicates license of excellence.

Please read this email carefully if you hold an Initial Teaching License. It contains information that is directly relevant to your long-term licensure with TSPC.

What: The Initial Teaching License and the Continuing Teaching License have been under review since January 2004. The commission held a summit and several meetings to hear input from stakeholders and to consider proposed amendments.

The Commission convened a special committee to draft proposals. These proposals were submitted to the public via the TSPC Web news releases early in August. The commission is submitting the rules published in August for hearing in January 2005.

As part of the proposed amendments to the licenses, the commission is proposing to move from three-year licenses to five year licenses. This change cannot happen until TSPC gains legislative approval for a fee increase to move to the longer license. Therefore, TSPC is proposing that the new rules become effective on July 1, 2005 after we have had a chance to gain approval for our budget, with a new approved fee schedule, from the Legislature.

Please read the news release from early August for details of the proposed changes to the Continuing Teaching License. You can find these details in the link to "narrative" in the information.

When: On January 13, 2005, the commission will hold a hearing for adoption of the proposed rules. The rules for hearing includeNew Initial Teaching License (584-060-0012); New Continuing Teaching License (584-060-0022); Renewal of the Initial Teaching License (584-060-0013); Amendments to the existing Initial Teaching License rule (584-060-0011).

These new rules, as proposed would make the changes effective July 1, 2005. In the meantime, we are amending our current rules to allow people who were issued an Initial Teaching License beginning in December 1998 to renew their license one more time. These amendments will take effect immediately and are being filed as temporary rules later this week.

The Commission has determined that everyone should have at least ten years to complete the requirements for retaining the Initial Teaching License. These requirements are clearly spelled out in the "Renewal of the Initial Teaching License" proposed rule above. This means that if you were first issued an Initial Teaching License in December of 1998, you will have until December 2008 to complete your requirements to continuously renew the Initial Teaching License. Persons whose licenses need renewal between now and July 1, 2005 will receive the following: 1 "free" year granted by the Commission at renewal to people licensed prior to October 13, 2003 and a third three year renewal. This will take applicants exactly to the end of the ten (10) years they are allowed to complete all of the new requirements.

Therefore, if you have not yet done any additional graduate level work since receiving your Initial Teaching License, it is our recommendation that you begin making plans to complete whatever requirements you may need to meet prior to the expiration of your next licensure renewal.

Review the requirements in proposed rule OAR 584-060-0013 for the work you must complete.

For applicants who have more than five years left to complete their requirements for continuous renewal of the Initial Teaching License, we will transition you to a five year license as your renewal naturally occurs after we have received the appropriate legislative approval to move to five year licenses.

The Continuing Teaching License, while now optional, will be considered to be an indication of the highest-level of achievement possible for an Oregon teacher. It will be significant because TSPC will consider the accomplishment equivalent to attaining the National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards certification. Additionally, the CTL now receives full reciprocity with the Washington State Professional Certificate. Please consult Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public instruction for further information.

Implications for other licenses: The Initial School Counselor, Initial School Psychologist and Initial Administrator licenses have not yet been reviewed by the Commission for similar considerations. This review will begin at the next Commission meeting in January 2005. We should begin rule-making procedures for amendments to these licenses sometime in Spring 2005.


  Archived: September 1, 2005  [MH:192-1] 
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