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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  2004-05 Conditional Assignment Permit Processing Delayed
  Released: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 at 5:00 PM
Due to circumstances beyond our control, processing of 2004-05 CAPs will be unavoidably delayed until approximately mid October.

In the meantime, PLEASE share the following general information on adding new endorsements and levels with educators with whom you have filed CAPs.

For detailed information on adding new levels and endorsements, educators should be referred to OAR 584-038-0004 and OAR 584-060-0052, 0062, and 0071 or email us at: contact.tspc@state.or.us if they would like detailed information prior to October.

Adding a new authorization level (ECE/ELEM/ML/HS) requires:

1, Academic course work of four semester hours or six quarter hours in human development and teaching methods appropriate to the new level, in an Oregon institution approved to prepare teachers for that level; and

2. Either a practicum of two semester hours or three quarter hours to include one work sample, at the new level, in an Oregon institution approved to prepare for that level; or one academic year teaching at the new level on an approved conditional assignment (if approved by the Oregon teacher education institution where you are completing the new level program).

The TSPC-approved Oregon college or university will advise the educator on the specific coursework required to obtain a Preparation for Teaching Report Form C-2 recommending for the new grade authorization level. For a list of Oregon approved teacher education institutions please visit our website at www.tspc.state.or.us and click on Publications.

Adding Endorsements to Existing Teaching Licenses requires:

Documentation of a passing score as currently specified by the commission on a designated test of subject mastery; or completion of a program and required coursework in areas where the commission does not require a test for endorsement such as: Drama, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Adaptive Physical Education; or

In addition to the requirements in (a) above, one of the following practical experiences must be completed:

A practicum of 2 semester hours or 3 quarter hours, which, except as specified below, may or may not be part of a longer preparation that includes content or methods courses in the subject area, in an institution approved to prepare teachers for that endorsement; or

One year of experience teaching the new subject-area on an approved conditional assignment permit (CAP) or optional assignment of 10 hrs or less (not requiring a CAP).


Some endorsement areas may require the completion of a new authorization level prior to being added to the license. The applicant should obtain a check sheet of requirements from TSPC prior to pursing adding a new endorsement to an existing license.

An approved institutional program including content and methods courses is always required as preparation for added endorsement in:

(a) Special education;
(b) Communication disorders;
(c) Hearing impairment;
(d) Visual impairment;
(e) Reading; or
(f) Subjects for which no subject mastery test has been required by the commission for endorsement including but not limited to: Drama, Japanese Latin, Russian, and Adaptive Physical Education.


  Archived: November 15, 2005  [PL:239-1] 
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