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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  January 26-27, 2006, Commission meeting - Final Agenda
  Released: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 5:00 PM
The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission meeting on January 26-27, 2006, will be hosted by Concordia University, College of Education, at the Columbia Edgewater Country Club, Firehouse Room, 2220 NE Marine Drive, Portland Oregon. Since initial notification of the agenda, the following changes were made. Agenda items with new enclosures or revisions are indicated as such on the revised agenda with a notation in the left-hand column entitled "New Encl". New agenda items as "Add" and deleted agenda items as "Remove". Please click on the arrow following each agenda item to view any attachments.

New Enc. 1.5 Appointment of New Committee Members and Chairs
New Enc. 1.6 Appoint New Liaison Appointees
New Enc. 2.1 University of Portland Site Visit Report
New Enc. 2.3 Northwest Christian College Site Visit Report
New Enc. 2.6 George Fox University - K-12 Music Education Program Approval
New Enc. 2.7 C-2 Fast Track Audit Procedures
New Enc. 3.2 Charter Schools Signatures on PEER Forms and Renewals
New Enc. 3.3 Waivers for Conditional Assignment Permits and Amendments
New Enc. 3.5 Forfeiture Letters Report
New Enc. 4.6 Amend Rules Related to Alternative Assessment
New Enc. 4.7 Amend 584-070-0011 and 584-070-0013
Remove 4.8 Amend 584, Division 048
Remove 4.9 Amend 584-090-0050
New Enc. 4.10 Amend 584-040-0005
Remove 4.11 Amend 584-038-0004
Remove 4.14 Adopt 584-036
New Enc. 4.15 Amend 584-017-0150, 0170 & 0130 and 584-060-0062 & 0071
New Encs. 6.1 through 6.20 Discipline Orders
New Enc. 9.1 Approve 584-100-0038
New Enc. 9.2 Amend 584-100 Rules related to Highly Qualified Teachers
New Enc. 9.3 Amend 584-100-0061, 0066 and 0071
New Enc. 10.7 List of Teachers and Administrators Subject to Discipline in 2005.


If you're anywhere South of the Columbia, get on the I-5 freeway and point yourself north toward the Interstate Bridge and Washington. Just before you get to the bridge, take Marine Drive eastbound exit 307. At the fork at the end of the straight, go right around the sweeping turn to the stop sign. Turn left there, under Highway 99E. At the stop, go straight then bear right (east) onto Marine Drive. Follow Marine Drive east until you see Columbia Edgewater on your right (about 2 1/2 miles). If traffic's bad, forget the freeway and come north on NE 33rd then turn left onto Marine Drive westbound. We're a few hundred yards down on your left. Simple as that.

If you're in Vancouver, get on I-5 headed south and come across the Interstate bridge. As you come off on the Oregon side, follow exit 307 signs for NE Marine Drive eastbound. Proceed down Marine Drive until the golf course appears on your right.

If you're east of the city, come toward town on I-84. Take the NE 181st exit 13 and go north on 181st to NE Sandy. Turn left there and proceed westbound down Sandy to NE 122nd. Just before the intersection, watch for the sign for 122nd northbound (a left turn and circle off Sandy). Go north on NE 122nd to NE Marine Drive. Turn left and drive west approximately 6 miles. Course will be on your left. Closer in, you can take NE Columbia or NE Lombard to NE 33rd, turn north on 33rd and proceed to NE Marine Drive. Turn left and drive a few hundred yards west. You're there.

If you're west, probably the best approach is to take Highway 26 into town and through the Vista Ridge tunnel. Then follow the signs for I-5 northbound. Once on I-5, follow the "from the south" instructions, above. Piece of cake.

Columbia Edgewater Country Club
2220 NE Marine Drive
Portland, OR 97211
Phone: 503-285-3676


  Archived: January 27, 2006  [MH:254-1] 
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