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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Licensure Updates
  Released: Monday, July 30, 2007 at 5:00 PM
New Superintendents: Please notify TSPC as soon as possible if you have a new superintendent or if you have any changes to persons authorized to sign Professional Educational Experience Report (PEER) forms. Districts will also need to change the primary and/or secondary web accounts with TSPC. Please contact Joanne at (503) 373-0764 or email Contact Us.

Expedited Service: Current licensure turn around is approximately 2 weeks. Please do not apply for Expedited Service until absolutely necessary in late August when you need educators in the classroom. If you DO apply for expedited service, please be sure to clearly mark any materials submitted by mail (or fax or email, if approved) EXPEDITED SERVICE on the mailing envelope, Fax cover or Subject Line of Email.

Emergency License for Fingerprint Clearance: Effective immediately, ANY qualified applicant who has been evaluated and approved for Oregon licensure but has not yet obtained FBI and OSP fingerprint clearance, will be issued a 16 week Emergency License. Currently, fingerprint clearances are being processed by the Oregon State Police and the FBI in less than four weeks. Upon receipt of fingerprint clearance the appropriate license will be issued as soon as possible. If fingerprint clearance is not obtained during the 16 weeks Emergency License, that emergency license will be extended provided the educator has submitted all items requested to complete the fingerprint processing (i.e., new fingerprint cards, if necessary, or court records, etc.).

No more unrestricted Transitional Teaching Licenses: The new Initial Teaching License for out-of-state applicants is valid for 18 months and is not renewable. These license holders must fully qualify for the Initial I Teaching License at the expiration of that 18 months. The new Initial Teaching License (unlike the Transitional Teaching License) requires recent educational experience. That means applicants must have either taught one year full-time or completed college or university credits within the past three year prior to application. Please refer to OAR 584-005-0005(50) for a definition of recent educational experience.

Take Care of your Personal Information: We are now accepting VISA, Mastercard and Discover credit cards for licensure payments over the phone. If you are unable to reach a live person by telephone at (503) 378-3586, you can email us Contact Us and request that you be called for credit card payment. Please DO NOT include credit card information in any email or voice call. Email requests for call backs for payments will receive priority. Please leave a good time to be reached in order that staff can avoid playing phone-tag with you.

Reporting Computer Classes on PEER forms: If an educator is teaching computers or computer-related coursework, please do not report the experience as 'technology education' on PEER forms. Technology education is the old Industrial Arts endorsement (non-PTE) and not computers. This is causing problems on PEER forms. Computers is a 'no endorsement area' which means the courses may be taught on any teaching license. Technology education requires the technology education endorsement and is not specifically related to teaching computer-related coursework.


  Archived: November 1, 2007  [VC:297-1] 
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