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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Adopt, Amend and Repeal Administrative Rules from August 2007 Commission Meeting
  Released: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 5:00 PM
On August 1-3, 2007, the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission took action to adopt, amend and repeal the following administrative rules in Chapter 584:

584-060-0014 Initial Teaching License for Out-of-State Candidate First Application
584-065-0110 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Library Media Endorsements
584-070-0112 Restricted Transitional School Counselor License

584-005-0005 Definitions (50)
584-017-0150 Endorsements Requiring Multiple Authorizations
584-017-0251 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Initial Administrator License
584-017-0261 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Continuing Administrator License
584-017-0280 Field Experience for Administrator License Program
584-017-0282 Internship Experience for Administrator License Program
584-021-0105 Definitions
584-021-0110 General Provisions for Nurse Certificate
584-021-0115 Types of Nursing Certificates
584-021-0120 Requirements for Applying for Initial Certification
584-021-0130 Requirements for a Professional School Nurse Certificate
584-021-0135 Requirements for an Emergency School Nurse Certificate
584-021-0140 Requirements for Applying for Renewal or Reinstatement of Certification
584-021-0150 Renewal
584-021-0155 Emergency School Nurse Certificate Renewal
584-021-0160 Incomplete Applications
584-021-0165 Verifying Knowledge of Laws Prohibiting Discrimination
584-021-0170 Fees for Nursing Certificates
584-021-0177 Criminal Records Check Requirement
584-021-0180 Criteria for Granting School Nurse Certificates
584-021-0185 Criteria for Denying Issuance or Reinstatement of School Nurse Certificates
584-021-0190 Criteria and Procedures for Denying Renewal of a School Nurse Certificate
584-021-0195 Procedures for Consideration of Other Cases
584-021-0202 Criteria for Denial of Certification Based on Conviction for Crimes
584-021-0205 Reinstatement of Revoked or Surrendered School Nurse Certificates
584-021-0210 Reinstatement of Expired Certificates
584-021-0215 Revocations
584-021-0220 Surrender of Certificate
584-021-0225 Serving Without Proper Certification
584-021-0230 Expiration of Certificates
584-021-0235 Issuance - Effective Date of Certificates
584-036-0015 Basic and Standard Teaching Licenses with Authorizations and Endorsements
584-036-0055 Fees
584-036-0081 Conditional Assignment Permits (CAP)
584-042-0002 Definitions
584-042-0006 Three-Year Career and Technical Education Teaching License
584-042-0008 Five-Year Career and Technical Education Teaching License
584-042-0009 Adding Career and Technical Education Endorsement
584-048-0040 Career and Technical Education Teaching License Renewal
584-048-0045 Renewal of Five-Year Career and Technical Education License
584-060-0051 Teaching Authorization Levels
584-060-0071 Endorsements Requiring Multiple Authorization Levels
584-070-0014 Initial II School Counselor License
584-070-0111 Transitional School Counselor License
584-070-0211 Initial School Psychologist License
584-080-0171 Emergency Administrator License
584-100-0011 Highly Qualified Elementary Teacher New to the Profession
584-100-0016 Highly Qualified Elementary Teacher Not New to the Profession
584-100-0021 Highly Qualified Middle Level Teacher New to the Profession
584-100-0026 Highly Qualified Middle Level Teacher Not New to the Profession
584-100-0031 Highly Qualified Secondary Teacher New to the Profession
584-100-0036 Highly Qualified Secondary Teacher Not New to the Profession
584-100-0066 Highly Qualified Elementary Special Education Teacher (K-8)
584-100-0071 Highly Qualified Secondary Special Education Teacher (9-12)
584-100-0091 Licensed and Registered Elementary Charter School Teacher
584-100-0096 Licensed and Registered Middle Level or Secondary Charter School Teacher
584-100-0101 Licenses Considered 'Full State Certification'
584-100-0106 Licenses Not Considered 'Full State Certification'

584-017-0250 Objectives for Initial Administrator License
584-017-0260 Objectives for Continuing Administrator License
584-060-0161 Transitional Teaching License
584-100-0046 Preliminary Teacher License

These adopted, amended and repealed rules were filed and certified effective with the Secretary of State on August 15, 2007, and will be incorporated into their compilation of OARs on September 1, 2007. In the meantime, the adopted and amended administrative rules may be viewed by clicking on the rule number above.


  Archived: October 1, 2007   
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