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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Public Hearing on Amendment of Administrative Rules
  Released: Monday, December 10, 2007 at 5:00 PM
The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) will hold a public hearing on Friday, January 4, 2008, beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the TSPC office, 465 Commercial Street NE, Salem OR on the administrative rules listed below.

584-010-0001 Purpose of Program Approval
584-010-0006 Definitions
584-017-0201 Substitute License When Program is Not Complete
[Renumbered from 584-010-0130]

584-005-0005 Definitions
584-010-0010 Approval of Education Program for Teachers, Administrators and Personnel Service Specialists
584-010-0015 [Eligibility to Apply] Preconditions for Program Approval
584-010-0020 Procedure for On-Site Review of Licensure Programs
584-010-0025 Recommendations Following On-Site Review
584-010-0030 Commission Action Following On-Site Review
584-010-0035 [Review of Existing Program] Submitting Program Modifications, Additions or Eliminations to the Commission
584-010-0045 Major Modification of Programs
584-010-0050 Annual Report from the [Institution] Unit
584-010-0055 Review of Programs [for Institutions] Not Previously Approved
584-010-0060 Denial of Program Approval
584-010-0080 Appeals
584-010-0090 Program Completion Fast Track-Field Operation Audit
584-010-0100 Reports of Program Completion for [TSPC] the Commission
584-010-0140 Three-Year and Six-Year Reports
584-017-0130 Middle Level Authorization
584-017-0175 Adding Authorization Levels to Existing Initial and Continuing Teaching Licenses
584-017-0355 Authorization Levels for Initial School Psychologists
584-021-0175 Character Questions to Establish Fitness to Serve as a School Nurse
584-036-0067 Temporary One-Year Extension of Initial Licenses
584-038-0004 Adding Endorsements to a Basic or Standard License
584-044-0011 Basic Counselor
584-044-0015 Standard Personnel Service License Requirements
584-044-0023 Standard School Psychologist
584-046-0020 Standard Administrative License Requirements
584-046-0024 Standard Superintendent
584-048-0040 Career and Technical Education Teaching License [Renewal]
584-048-0105 Five-Year Teaching License Renewal
584-052-0015 Preparation in Another State
584-060-0002 Definitions for Division 060
584-060-0012 Initial I Teaching License Requirements
584-060-0014 Initial Teaching License for Out-of-State Candidate First Application
584-060-0052 Adding Authorization Levels to Existing Initial and Continuing Teaching Licenses
584-060-0062 Adding Endorsements to Initial or Continuing Teaching Licenses
584-060-0071 Endorsements Requiring [Multiple Authorization Levels] Approved Academic Preparation
584-060-0210 Emergency Teaching License
584-065-0070 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Health Education Endorsement
584-065-0080 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Basic Math Endorsement
584-070-0132 Emergency School Counselor License

584-010-0040 Review of Modified Programs
584-010-0065 Contested Case Hearing Procedures
584-010-0070 Experimental Programs
584-010-0120 Reports on Placement in Public and Private Schools
584-010-0130 Substitute Teacher Licenses [Renumber to 584-017-0201]
584-017-0350 Objectives for Initial School Psychologist Licensure
[New standards adopted. See OAR 584-017-0351.]
584-017-0442 Objectives for Initial School Counselor License
584-017-0452 Objectives for Continuing School Counselor License
584-070-0320 Conditional Assignment in Student Services

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Hearing and Statement of Need and Fiscal Impact were filed with the Secretary of State on November 15, 2007, and published in the December 1, 2007 edition of the Oregon Bulletin.

Both written and oral testimony may be presented for the Commission's consideration. The proceedings will be digitally recorded and a summary of all testimony will be presented to the Commission. The Commission will allow testimony on these rules until 4:30 pm on February 7, 2008 at the February Commission meeting in Salem.

Free parking is available along Commercial Street in front of TSPC. Please contact Melody Hanson at (503) 373-1260 if you need any type of auxiliary service prior to December 21, 2007.



  Archived: January 31, 2008  [MH:308-1] 
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