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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Adopt, Amend and Repeal Administrative Rules from November 2007 Commission Meeting
  Released: Friday, December 21, 2007 at 5:00 PM
On November 1, 2007, the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission took action to adopt, amend and repeal the following administrative rules in Chapter 584:

584-017-0351 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Initial School Psychologist License

584-019-0002 Hearing Procedures
584-019-0003 Notice of Opportunity for Hearing
584-019-0025 Mutual Disclosure Prior to Contested Case Hearings
584-019-0035 Settlement of Cases Prior to Hearing
584-019-0040 Commission [to Issue All] Final Orders in Contested Cases [and Provide Notice Therof in Proposed Orders]
584-020-0000 Application of Rules
584-020-0005 Definitions
584-020-0010 The Competent Educator
584-020-0015 Curriculum and Instruction
584-020-0020 Supervision and Evaluation
584-020-0025 Management Skills
584-020-0030 Human Relations and Communications
584-020-0035 The Ethical Educator
584-020-0040 Grounds for Disciplinary Action
584-020-0041 Reporting Requirements
584-023-0005 Registry of Charter School Teachers and Administrators
584-023-0015 Standards of Competence and Ethics
584-023-0025 Charter School Fees
584-038-0080 Basic [Educational] Library Media
584-038-0335 Basic Early Intervention and Special Education I
584-038-0336 Basic Early Intervention and Special Education II
584-040-0080 Standard [Educational] Library Media
584-040-0310 Standard Early Intervention and Special Education I
584-040-0315 Standard Early Intervention and Special Education II
584-050-0002 Exercise of Commission Authority
584-050-0005 Criteria for Granting Licenses
584-050-0006 Criteria for Denying Issuance or Reinstatement of Licenses
584-050-0009 Procedures for Disciplinary Action in Certain Cases
584-050-0012 Criteria for Denial of Licensure Based on Conviction for Crimes
584-050-0015 Reinstatement of Suspended, Revoked, or Suspended License or Registration Generally
584-050-0016 Reinstatement of Suspended License, Registration, or Right to Apply for a License or Registration
584-050-0018 Reinstatement of Revoked License, Registration, or Right to Apply for a License or Registration
584-050-0019 Termination of Probation
584-050-0020 Suspension for Resignation in Violation of Contract
584-050-0035 Must be Licensed to Begin Employment
584-050-0040 Expiration [of Licenses] and Continued Use of Expired Licenses and Registrations
584-050-0042 Addresses and Uses of Addresses
584-050-0065 Procedure for Determining Propriety and Amount of Forfeiture
584-050-0066 Criteria for Setting Amount of Forfeiture
584-050-0067 Setting Amount of Forfeiture During a Labor Dispute
584-050-0070 Notice of Commission's Determinations and Opportunity for a Hearing
584-052-0032 Determination of Subject-matter Competency through Alternative Assessment
584-060-0012 Initial I Teaching License Requirements
584-070-0014 *Initial II School Counselor License

584-019-0020 Disclosure
584-070-0011 Initial School Counselor License
584-070-0021 Continuing School Counselor License

These adopted, amended and repealed rules were filed and certified effective with the Secretary of State on December 14, 2007, and will be incorporated into their compilation of OARs on January 1, 2008. In the meantime, the adopted and amended administrative rules may be viewed by clicking on the rule number above.


  Archived: January 31, 2008  [MH:309-1] 
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