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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Public Hearing on Adoption and Amendment of Administrative Rules
  Released: Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 8:30 AM

The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) will hold a public rules hearing on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the TSPC office, 465 Commercial Street NE, Salem, OR, on the administrative rules listed below.

Agency staff and interested stakeholders have worked together to review the state unit and program accreditation standards. The proposed standards listed below are the result of this collaborative work and include Divisions 10, 17 and 18.

584-010-0022 - Procedure for New and Continued Program Review Visits
584-017-1005 - Effective Date and Applicability to Unit Programs
584-017-1008 - Conceptual Framework
584-017-1010 - Request for Waiver of Rules
584-017-1012 - Waivers of Academic Requirements and Appeals on Academic Decisions
584-017-1015 - Knowledge Skills and Professional Dispositions Generally
584-017-1020 - Knowledge of School Law for Licensed Educators
584-017-1022 - Assessment Systems and Unit Evaluation
584-017-1025 - Consortium
584-017-1028 - Selection, Recruitment and Admission of Candidates
584-017-1030 - Evidence of Effectiveness for Initial I Teaching License Preparation
584-017-1032 - Evidence of Effectiveness for Continuing Teaching License Preparation
584-017-1035 - Verification of Program Completion for All Licensure Programs
584-017-1038 - Field Experience and Clinical Practice
584-017-1040 - Waivers for Practicum or Clinical Requirements in the Event of School District Closures
584-017-1042 - Field or Clinical Experiences Generally
584-017-1045 - Student Teaching Generally
584-017-1048 - Internship Agreements Generally
584-017-1050 - Diversity and Inclusion
584-017-1052 - Faculty Qualifications, Performances and Development
584-017-1055 - Faculty Qualifications, Performances and Development
584-018-0100 - Objectives for Initial Teachers Generally
584-018-0105 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Initial I Teaching Licensure
584-018-0110 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Continuing Teaching Licensure
584-018-0115 - Early Childhood Education Authorization
584-018-0120 - Elementary Authorization
584-018-0125 - Middle Level Authorization
584-018-0130 - High School Authorization
584-018-0135 - Endorsements Requiring Multiple Authorizations
584-018-0140 - Adding Authorization Levels to Existing Initial and Continuing teaching Licenses
584-018-0205 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Educational Leadership and Initial Administrator Licensure
584-018-0210 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Educational Leadership and Continuing Administrator Licensure
584-018-0305 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Initial School Counselor License
584-018-0310 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Continuing School Counselor License
584-018-0315 - Authorization Level for School Counselors
584-018-0405 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Initial School Psychologist Licensure
584-018-0410 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Continuing School Psychologist Licensure
584-018-0415 - Authorization Level for School Psychologists
584-018-0505 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Initial School Social Worker Licensure
584-018-0510 - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Cultural Competencies for Continuing School Social Worker Licensure
584-018-0515 - Authorization Level for School Social Workers

584-010-0001 - Purpose of Program Approval:> Updates rule to include the commission's 2011 revision of standards and units to align with national standards for teacher preparation.

584-010-0006 - Definitions: Updates program approval definitions including Approved Institution, Area for improvement, At Risk Unit, Low Performing Unit, and Unit. Corrects statues cited.

584-010-0010 - [Program Approval] Unit Accreditation for Teachers, Administrators and Personnel Service Specialists - Clarifies unit accreditation requirements and corrects statues cited.

584-010-0015 - Preconditions for First-Time Unit or Program Approval: Updates first-time unit approval requirements. Corrects statues cited.

584-010-0020 - Procedure for Unit Accreditation Visits [On Site Review of Licensure Units and Programs]: Updates procedure for Unit accreditation visits. Corrects statues cited.

584-010-0025 - Recommendations Following [On Site] Unit Accreditation: Clarifies Executive Director recommendations to the commission following a unit site visit. Recommendations include Unconditional Approval, Approval with Conditions and Probationary Approval for "at-risk institutions". Updates statutes cited.

584-010-0030 - Commission Action Following on-Site Review: Clarifies rule language and adds the approval of unit with an established probation period and designating the unit as "at risk institution". Updates statues cited.

584-010-0035 - Submitting Program Modification, Additions, or Elimination to the Commission: Corrects reference to [Coordinator] to Director of Teacher Education.

584-010-0045 - Major Modifications of Programs: Minor language corrections. Updates statues cited.

584-010-0050 - Annual Report from the Unit: Updates due date for annual report submission to the commission. Clarifies unit reporting requirements and corrects statues cited.

584-010-0055 - Review of Programs Not Previously Approved: Clarifies requirements for programs not previously approved by the commission.

584-010-0060 - Denial of Program Approval and Appeal: Adds language if the commission's decision to deny approval is accompanied with a recommendation for immediate withdrawal is necessary to protect the students, an appeal shall act as a stay of determination until final decision of the appeal. Updates statutes cited.

584-010-0090 - Program Completion Fast Track - Field Operation Audit: Corrects the statutes cited.

584-010-0100 - Reports of Program Completion for the Commission: Corrects statutes cited.
584-017-0441 - Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Initial School Counselor: Amends program requirements for school counselor candidate programs.
584-036-0055 - Fees: Allows the Executive Director or her designee to consider extenuating circumstances and determine when it is appropriate to waive the fee.

584-036-0081 - Conditional Assignment Permit: Amends rule to clearly establish CAP as a license; extends fall timeline for districts to apply; clarify that new process has same flexibility for districts as original CAP; lists other options for discussion, specifically addressing whether the district or educator pays the required fee and the conditions under which a district can establish a CAP for special education.

584-042-0008 - Five-Year Career and Technical Education Teaching License: Effective July 15, 2011, 5-year license no longer issued. However, existing 5-year CTE license holders still valid and renewable.

584-042-0012 - Career and Technical Education Teaching License Renewal: Existing three-year CTE licensee must qualify for the CTE II upon expiration. In extenuating circumstances, CTE license holder may apply for a one-year CTE license to complete the additional requirements for renewal.

584-042-0021 - Definitions: Clarifies definition of CTE Mentor. Corrects statutes cited.

584-042-0031 - Career and Technical Education I Teaching License: Language clarification regarding fingerprints, and commission-approved civil rights test. Corrects statutes cited.

584-042-0036 - Career and Technical Education II Teaching License: Clarifies CTE II license holders eligible to teach within the full scope of the CTE endorsement. Corrects statutes cited.

584-042-0044 - Career and Technical Education Endorsement: Language clarification (3)(e), (3)(e)(B).

584-042-0051 - Career and Technical Education (CTE) Professional Development Plan: Corrects rule sub-sections in reference rules cited and corrects coursework hours required for license.

584-042-0081 - Career and Technical Education Restricted Substitute Teaching License: Clarifies language regarding commission-approved civil rights test. Adds requirement for teacher preparation in math and language arts.

584-010-0080 - Appeals
584-010-0140 - Three Year and Six Year Reports

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Hearing and the Statement of Need and Fiscal Impact were filed with the Secretary of State on August 15, 2011, and have been published in the September 1, 2011 edition of the Oregon Bulletin.

Both written and oral testimony may be presented for the commission's consideration. The proceedings will be recorded and a summary of all testimony will be presented to the commission. Testimony will be allowed on these rules until 2:00 p.m. on November 3, 2011, at the next commission meeting.

Free parking is available along Commercial Street in front of TSPC. Please contact Melody Hanson at (503) 373-1260 if you need any type of auxiliary service prior to September 19, 2011.



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