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  News Release
The following is a news release from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Commission. If there are more details that we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us (see Contact Us).
  Additional Middle-Level NCLB Information
  Released: Wednesday, June 4, 2003 at 5:00 PM
Earlier we sent you information to help you identify whether your teachers are highly qualified for their particular assignment. We offered to help you make certain that your teachers at the middle-levels were highly qualified.

We sent you a list of your teachers with the information we had with regard to teacher employment and assignment. These lists were built from the information you, as districts, sent to the Oregon Department of Education in fall 2002.

Attached is a "quick" application that you may use to verify whether teachers are properly assigned in the 7th and 8th grades. Please submit $10 for each educator on the list.


Any elementary endorsement or authorization may teach in any self-contained classroom grades preK through 8.

All high school teachers must have the same level of endorsement to teach any of the core academic subjects that they would have whether NCLB had been enacted.

Any 6th, 7th or 8th grade classroom that is truly departmentalized and part of a middle school or junior high school, that holds any type of Basic Elementary or Initial Elementary or Middle-Level license, is presumed, without further information to NOT be highly qualified. These are the folks that will need further verification to see if through coursework and/or teaching assignments, these folks are eligible for what we are calling a new "middle-level endorsement." If you have teachers who hold those licenses who also hold an endorsement, then they clearly are highly qualified for the endorsement they hold.

Please do not ask to have these credentials verified over the telephone. We will be putting your lists through the normal evaluation process. We will respond with information about each teacher for which you have requested verification.

Thank you all for your patience as we develop the process that appears to be the most efficient. We welcome your input on how it is working.

If you feel you have not received all the information that we have sent out, please visit our Web site at www.tspc.state.or.us under the No Child Left Behind news clip on the home page. If you still feel you haven't received the necessary information, please email us at: contact.tspc@state.or.us or call us at (503) 378-3586.

Vickie Chamberlain
Executive Director


  Archived: October 1, 2004  [MH:92-1] 
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